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Dash covers benefits

Nothing spoils a vehicle's interior more than cracked, faded or dirty dashboard. And it is not so difficult to damage a dashboard as it may seem. Harsh UV rays, heat, dust, dirt may make your dash look old and sloppy. Custom dash covers are designed to protect your vehicle from negative impacts of the environment while enhancing its interior design and adding some personal expression to it.

Plastic dash cover

There are 3 major threats for your dashboard look.

  • Dirt and dust, that tends to collect on the dashboard again and again. Of course, there is a variety of dashboard cleansers, though using the wrong product may leave on your dashboard a crack or two. Car dashboard covers just absorb all the dust and make it invisible until you simply vacuum clean it along with the rest of interior.
  • Soaring temperatures are not something your dashboard can deal with without any help. Heat may cause numerous rifts and cracks on the dashboard surface. Custom dash covers, though, efficiently disperse the heat and protect vulnerable dashboard. What's more, car dashboard covers lower the interior temperature of your vehicle.
  • Constant exposure of your dashboard to harmful UV rays may turn it to the old discolored surface just within few years of use. Car dashboard cover shield it from the sun and lets the dashboard stay fresh and new.

Dash covers styles and materials

Dash covers features

Vehicle-specific custom dashboard covers are made to perfectly fit all the curves and in-dash components of your dashboard, such as air bags, air vents, speakers without any modifications.

With a variety of colors and materials choosing a dashboard covers that will meet all your requirements won't be difficult.

Every custom dashboard cover model comes in at least 8 colors, so your choice depends just on your preferences. You may choose an auto dash cover of a neutral color, such as beige, brown, black, gray, or add a shot of color with a dash kit of red, yellow, blue or any other color. Personalize your plain and boring dashboard with patterned or camo dash covers.

Choosing a car dash cover that matches your interior basic colors will blend with a vehicle design and look like its integral part. Diluting monotone vehicle interior with a colorful or patterned custom dashboard cover will add a touch of style to it.

There are 3 types of materials car dashes are usually made from:

  • carpet
  • suede
  • velour.

Each of these materials has its pros and cons. Although, all of these materials provide durable protection to the dashboard, carpet auto dash covers are more efficient in terms of protecting it from harsh sun rays and keeping vehicle's cabin cooler in hot days. It makes them perfect to drive in sunny areas. Carpet dash mats come in a variety of colors and add a warm look to your interior.

Velour and suede dashboard covers are plush, comfy and add a luxurious touch to the interior. These are durable, high-quality materials, that provide great UV protection.

Dash mat quick installation guide

STEP 1. Clean your dash with a soft towel. Use warm water or appropriate cleanser if necessery.

STEP 2. Position car dash cover on the dashboard and preshape. Make sure, that your custom dash cover fits the shape of the dashboard and doesn't prevent any dashboard components from working properly.

STEP 3. Stick included adhesive Velcro squares to the dash cover as needed to hold it to the dashboard. Peel off the backing from each square and mount your cover in place, pressing each square for 10 seconds.

STEP 4. Check the result.

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