Metra Stereo Dash Kits

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Its been a while since cars were just a mean of transport. Nowadays being behind the wheel you can enjoy every kind of multimedia you can imagine in a high quality. But after all, is there something more relaxing and inspiring than driving while your favorite song sounds from the car stereo system? Though, depending on the quality of your stereo, listening to a music may be like attending a show of your favorite band or like trying to adjust an old radio.

So if you decided to replace a factory stereo with a brand-new one with a best-ever sound quality and dozens of extra features, you may face the fact that it doesn't fit your factory stereo dash kit. Though resolving this problem with one Metra Stereo dash kits require just few minutes of your time.

Metra stereo dash kit

Metra Stereo Installation Kits

Metra is an essential component of any professional-looking car audio installation. With kits to fit almost any make and model car, you can make changing out your car stereo simple by using the correct dash kit, radio wiring harness, and speaker harness. If you are updating your car audio system and want professional results, then you need Metra.

Metra audio dash kit

When you purchase a Metra stereo installation kit the first thing you need to take into consideration is its size. There are single- and double-DIN stereo systems.

Single-DIN refers to a device of standard height and width, that require 2" high dash openings, while double-DIN means a stereo of double size. To ensure a perfect fit, stereo dash kit size should match the size of the device.

Double-DIN stereo systems usually have a great number of additional features, including touch screen, DVD player and navigation. Though there are some single-DIN stereos that combine some of this features, like horizontal touch screen, with a compact size.

Metra stereo installation kit

Metra stereo dash kits are designed to fut bith, Single- and Double-Din stereo systems, as well as almost every vehicle available on the market. All elements of Metra audio installation kits, including an antenna adapter, panels, wiring and speaker harnesses, are designed to fit your vehicle, so if it is installed properly, no gaps or other flaws will ever be found. You just need to choose a right make and model from the list. You are also free to choose from a range of products with such add-ons as extra pockets, radio and side brackets, trim plates and rigs, etc.

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