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B&I dash kits are here to give your vehicle the stunning look the factory doesn't offer. Marbled or striped wood grain steeped in character. Deep factory match finishes. Intricate carbon fiber, colors and more. B&I dash kits let you pick the perfect trim material that gives your vehicle limited edition looks. It gets even better. For most vehicles, you can pick from a variety of B&I dash kits. From main kits that cover your dash, stereo, gauges and vents, to overhead console kits that upgrade your main kit, and door trim kits that complete the look, a B&I dash kit lets you take the premium package as far as you like.

Bi dash kits

Best yet, B&I dash kits are the easiest dash kit on the market to install yourself at home. Just quickly clean the factory plastic area, peel the trim piece from your kit, and press in place. B&I dash kit carries a Lifetime Warranty. B&I Dash Kits are custom-cut to fit your interior's wood-starved areas. Using revolutionary Factory TruMatch Technology, B&I's experienced Color Masters produce the most accurate and consistent color and grain pattern matches in the industry. These special finishes are part of our popular Factory Match kits that are made to match the vehicles existing wood dash trim and cover obvious areas left bare and unfinished from the factory. Exclusive no-liner packaging and 3M primer-less adhesive make our do-it-yourself installation system the easiest and most accurate available. Typical installations take less than 30 minutes and require no special tools!

Premium Bi dash kits

If you want to customize or restore your plain old interior, you can choose custom-made dash kit available on our Website. Our dash kits are manufactured from the highest quality materials in the market including wood, carbon fiber, and aluminum dash kits. They are available in the variety of finishes and styles to choose from.

A new state-of-the-art 2D and 3D dash kits are designed to perfectly fit your vehicle. They are manufactured with the latest innovative computer and laser technology and meet the strictest quality standards.

Factory TruFIT

With many years of engineering experience, custom-made dash kits are designed to perfectly fit your vehicle and to emphasize the interior dash panels. They are model specific and created as a good-looking overlay that fits to the flat and other contour surfaces of your vehicle's interior. The dash kit materials are soft and flexible allowing them to conform to the contours. They can also be removed without damaging your car's interior. The installation process is significantly easier and less time consuming. Dash kit provides a superb look while adding value to your vehicle.

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