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Factory TruLook

We offer a wide range of finishes, colors, and styles. If you want to add the trim accents or refresh the dull look of your vehicle's interior, you may choose the exclusive finishes made from both genuine and simulated materials. The Design Team carefully studies the interior to complement the vehicle's luxury look. In addition to standard materials, hundreds of application-specific colors are available to match the existing factory interiors. All Dash Kits are designed to satisfy consumer's expectations.

Factory TruMatch

Using revolutionary TruMATCH Technology and CAD design, the manufacturer produces the most accurate and consistent colors and patterns to match you car, truck or SUV. The vehicle's interior used to look dull and unfinished. The unlimited color selection and high gloss finish will add your vehicle a complete look and luxury appearance.

Custom Dash Cover
Custom Dash Cover
Custom Dash Cover

3M Tape

The 3M 5849 Acrylic Foam Tape is a proven high-performance attachment system used for bonding auto accessories and trim parts. It is designed to give a thin bond line for attachment of decorative dash applications. The Tape is suitable for most flexible decorative interior trim, flexible synthetic, and wood dash applications. The 3M Tape makes the installation process easier. It requires no drilling and provides the excellent long-term performance. The viscoelastic properties allow the tape to conform to surface irregularities and gaps, providing a better fit. There is no risk of damaging other vehicle's accessories and parts.

Clear VUE

The ClearVUE Technology creates a factory-like appearance of the dash trim parts including the variety of car audio frames. The dash trim parts are designed to fit perfectly. The holes available on the kit parts suit your passenger car, truck or SUV accessories. Even the aftermarket stereo will be integrated naturally to the custom-made look of the dash.


All dash kits come with high performance polyurethane clear coat to prevent discoloration. The dash trim parts are very flexible and make the installation process easier. The high quality materials are ultra thin, but resistant to scratches, extreme temperatures, and UV damage.

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