Sherwood Innovations 3D Dash Kits

Sherwood Dash Inc. was incorporated on February 1st, 1997. Prior to this date, we operated as a Division of Centro Manufacturing for 3 years. Sherwood Dash has benefited from its association with Centro by drawing on their extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities as a tier 2 supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide. The result is a superior quality product at an exceptional price. Production of this high quality, high value wood dash has resulted in substantial growth in each year of operation.

Sherwood Molded Dash Kits

A Molded Dash Kit by Sherwood is the premium choice for enhancing your interior with the warmth and luxury of a woodgrain, sport or factory match finish. Thermoformed with high-grade ABS, Sherwood 3D dash kits are precision cut to fit overtop of and cover, all the contours of a factory part.

To insure maximum bond to your factory parts, Sherwood molded dash kits use premium 3M 5849 acrylic foam adhesive with built-in promoter. Unlike others, this OEM approved 'peel & stick' adhesive does not require the tedious application of promoter during installation. Promoter is a toxic liquid that can discolor and damage part areas not covered by a molded wood dash, if accidentally spilled on.

Sherwood 3d dash kit

Features of Sherwood Molded Dash Kits

Sherwood Innovations 3D Dash Kits offer impressive style and a renewed look for your interior

  • Every kit is custom-designed for your vehicle
  • Kits available for nearly every make and model
  • Available in a wide variety of finishes
  • Easy installation via 3M vehicle adhesive
  • Completely renovate your vehicle's interior
  • Non-returnable: please click "Return Information" above for important return policy details
  • 3-Year Warranty

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