Sherwood Camouflage Dash Kits

Sherwood Dash Inc. was incorporated on February 1st, 1997. Prior to this date, we operated as a Division of Centro Manufacturing for 3 years. Sherwood Dash has benefited from its association with Centro by drawing on their extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities as a tier 2 supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide. The result is a superior quality product at an exceptional price. Production of this high quality, high value wood dash has resulted in substantial growth in each year of operation.

Sherwood Camo Dash Kit Features

Sherwood Camo Dash Kit is one the most beautiful dash kits on the market today. The quality is simply astonishing. Every kit is custom made to perfectly fit your car. There are tons of reasons why a Camouflage dash kit is a great purchase and a fun modification. It makes a great change in your car's interior while being very affordable and easy to install.

Sherwood camouflage dash kit

There is no doubt that a it is one of the most demanded products from tuners and modifiers in the aftermarket industry. Each Sherwood Camouflage Dash Kit is durable, made of high-quality materials and is able to protect your factory dashboard from any possible damage. It is the answer to your search for great value and an exciting modifications. You no longer have to worry about paying a professional to install your parts, because the installation is easy and can be done by anyone. Just peel the and stick it your existing dash board.

Not only is it a perfect modification, but you can be confident with your purchase. Each one is laser cut with great precision and fit 100 percent to OEM specifications.

  • Each dash kit looks clean and factory made; Unlike their competitors.
  • Each Sherwood Camo Dash Kit will fit your ride perfectly. They are laser cut with precise OEM templates.
  • This dash kit completely transforms your interior to look however you like. Prepare to astonish your passengers and onlookers.
  • Every dash kit is extremely easy to install. Just peel and stick the kit to your dash
  • In short, the dash kit modification is fun, easy, affordable and attracts a lot of attention.

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