Sherwood Custom Color Dash Kits

Sherwood Dash Inc. was incorporated on February 1st, 1997. Prior to this date, we operated as a Division of Centro Manufacturing for 3 years. Sherwood Dash has benefited from its association with Centro by drawing on their extensive engineering and manufacturing capabilities as a tier 2 supplier to Original Equipment Manufacturers worldwide. The result is a superior quality product at an exceptional price. Production of this high quality, high value wood dash has resulted in substantial growth in each year of operation.

Sherwood custom color dash kit

Sherwood Custom Color Dash Kits Features

Whereas most drivers assume the dashboard trim on their vehicle is a simple fact of ownership, the folks at Sherwood understand that this is yet another place a person can express his or her self. Sherwood Custom Color Dash Kits provide you with a huge selection of colors and styles to customize your dashboard and add some personality to vehicle's interior.

To product its Custom Color Dash Kit uses high-quality and safe proprietary materials developed in-house. Created as an attractive overlay that is applicable at home by shade-tree mechanics and everyday consumers alike, these Sherwood Innovations Dash Kits are adhesive-backed kits that accents your dashboard's contours.

Sherwood Dash Kits are installed with 3M automotive foam mounting tape, for the optimum in adhesion, ease of installation, and resistance to heat. Sherwood’s clearcoat process protects their dash kits against fading and cracking due to sunlight and UV rays; with factory markings duplicated under the clearcoat, your car’s factory appearance remains intact. All instructions and materials included for ease of installation.

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