Sherwood Dash Kits

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Adding a touch of style and personalizing vehicle's interior, turning its cabin to a luxurious cockpit - that's what dash kits are made for. If you want to upgrade plain interior design of your vehicle and surround yourself with warm real or synthetic wood, modern carbon fiber, aggressive camo patterns or vivid colors - with Sherwood dash kits it is easy.

sherwood dash kits

"My car, my way", Sherwood Innovations official websites says. And it is quite difficult to disagree with this statement. Indeed, your unique personality reflects in everything around you, especially when it comes to your vehicle. And as dashboard is the part of your car you interact most, why not to make it a little more personal?

With Sherwood Innovations dash kits possibilities to upgrade your dashboard design are limited just by your imagination.

Sherwood dash kits history

Sherwood Innovations Inc. was founded in 1997, though 3 years prior this date the company functioned as a part of Centro Manufacturing. This association made a major contribution to the development of Sherwood engineering and manufacturing standards. So no wonder that nowadays Sherwood dash kits meet the highest quality standards in the industry, which is proven by TS16949 certification. Sherwood Innovations Inc. resides in Toronto, Ontario. Sherwood interior dash kits come in a variety of styles, materials and colors, including flat and molded dash kits made from

  • genuine wood,
  • synthetic wood,
  • carbon fiber.

Sherwood Dash trim kit

Reasons to choose Sherwood dash kits

  • Sherwood Dash Kits come in a variety of modifications and are considered to be among the cream of the crop when it comes to product quality.
  • They are laser cut and coated with a layer of polyurethane as a protectant.
  • These custom-made dash kits are compatible with the majority of vehicle makes and models.
  • Sherwood Innovations Dash Kits are installed with a minimum of fuss, and require no modification to your interior.
  • Also they can be easily removed without damaging car interior.
  • All Sherwood dash kits are supplied with a lifetime warranty.

If you want to customize or restore your plain old interior, you can choose custom-made dash kit available on our Website. Our dash kits are manufactured from the highest quality materials in the market including wood, carbon fiber, and aluminum dash kits. They are available in the variety of finishes and styles to choose from.

A new state-of-the-art 2D and 3D dash kits are designed to perfectly fit your vehicle. They are manufactured with the latest innovative computer and laser technology and meet the strictest quality standards.

With many years of engineering experience, custom-made dash kits are designed to perfectly fit your vehicle and to emphasize the interior dash panels. They are model specific and created as a good-looking overlay that fits to the flat and other contour surfaces of your vehicle's interior. The dash kit materials are soft and flexible allowing them to conform to the contours. They can also be removed without damaging your car's interior. The installation process is significantly easier and less time consuming. Dash kit provides a superb look while adding value to your vehicle.

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