Everybody wants to personalise the things that they use so that it makes their presence felt. Be it their car or any other gadget that they use, people prefer to add some kits or accessories to it to give it a personalised look. Car owners are a little more fortunate in this regard! The automobile market has plenty of options so far car accessories are concerned. One can make a choice as per his need and adorn his set of wheels.

Dash kits

dash kits by Remin

Remin is a leading U.S. manufacturer of flat and molded trim kits for car interiors and exteriors. Remin uses a variety of the best quality trim finishes ranging from: real & synthetic wood, carbon fiber, color plastics, chrome, and aluminum. The product line is comprised of over 2000 wood trim kits for more than 45 car makes and models. Remin dash kit trim will add style to the interior of your vehicle. The installation of the items of the kit will not cause any troubles. The kit is made specifically to fit the exact make model, all you need to do is to follow the scheme. Simple peel and stick applications allow to make a quick update.

Remin Dash kits

Depending on selection, the kit is made from real and synthetic wood and carbon fiber and has ultra clear coat polyurethane for extra protection. You simply have to clean your vehicle's dashboard. Remove protected tape from the back of trim. Press the pieces onto your vehicle's dashboard. All dash kits have 3M adhesive foam tape backing. Remin is ready to cater to the most sophisticated taste.

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