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One nice way to improve the insight of your car is to supply it with a dash kit. There is no need to buy an expensive vehicle to get benefits from the addition of dashboard trim to your original factory dash kit. Today car owners are always seeking for variants to restyle their cars and SUVs. Mounting the dash kit to your ride is very easy. Spending low efforts and time, you will greatly raise up the value of your car. All set of dash kits are designed specifically for most makes to ensure precise fit for the interior. Dash Trim Kits come in a variety of styles including vinyl dash trim, carbon fiber dash trim, aluminum dash trim, oxford dash trim, and real dash trim. The Subaru dash kits are the least expensive of the kits.

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These kits are a vinyl graphic that attaches to your existing dash trim. It is a thin, pliable vinyl that installs flawlessly and give a great finished appearance. Subaru carbon Fiber Dash Trim is made out of a heavy duty UV coated material and finished with the carbon fiber finish. Subaru aluminum Dash Trim Kits are similar to the carbon fiber kits in material, but have a metallic aluminum finish. Subaru real Dash Trim Kits are made of the same 82.5 mil UV coated material as the carbon fiber and aluminum kits, and come in all the finishes. Subaru Aluminum Dash Kits fall into this category of dash trim. This is the best quality of dash trim that is available in all styles. The kits installed in vehicles meet or exceed auto manufacturers expectations for perfect fit and finish.

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