Everybody wants to personalise the things that they use so that it makes their presence felt. Be it their car or any other gadget that they use, people prefer to add some kits or accessories to it to give it a personalised look. Car owners are a little more fortunate in this regard! The automobile market has plenty of options so far car accessories are concerned. One can make a choice as per his need and adorn his set of wheels.

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Wood Grain Dash Kits

Being on the road for hours and hours, one day you notice that in the end the only regular companion in all those journeys is your car. Sitting every day at the wheel, you surely don't want your vehicle's interior to look dull and plain, what you really want is your car to have the best-looking trim, and you definitely understand how important here refined dash kits are. So when you are bored looking at the dash kit you've been using for years, when you find your dash kit faded, cracked or damaged, then you surely understand that it's high time too find a new one. And here comes into play a wide range of variants offered to you by the numerous manufacturers of aftermarket car accessories. The first thing that prompts you to order a new dash kit is that dash kits aren't something you have to take to an expert to install. Plus to that, you are welcome to choose dash kits made from various materials, and so you can can choose from wood dash kits, carbon fiber dash kits or aluminum dash kits.

If you are an admirer of classiness and style, then auto wood trim is what you need. Whether you are looking for the smartness of sandalwood or the funkiness of simulated wood grain dash, you can find a wood dash board made for you and your car. Car wood dash kits are popular, affordable, and easy to install. Many places offer two types of wood kits, namely wood trim kits designed for trim pieces and molded wood kits. There are several styles of wood dash kits, but almost all of them contain the same components. Genuine wood is used in the center. An adhesive backing is used for easy installation, and the top is coated with polyurethane as a protectant. Wood grain dash kits can give your car's interior the regal feel of a room in an old men's club. There are many different types of wood grain dash kits to choose from. Different woods are offered - cherry-wood, maple, walnut, etc. Wood grain dash can be made of real wood and be synthetic. The wooddash options are as varied as if you were buying any other type of fine furniture.

For those who want their vehicle's dash kit to look like that one of an ultra-modern super car there are offered carbon fiber dash kits. A carbon fiber dash kit is actually simulation of actual carbon fiber weave. Authentic carbon fiber material showcases tiny carbon threads woven into a highly reflective fabric-like appearance with a great deal of shine. Simulated carbon fiber patterns are pressed into the material, emulating the precise weave of true carbon fiber material set into epoxy. Several technologies can be used to cut through the materials of the carbon fiber dash kit. The best is laser cutting as the cuts are cleaner and the dimensions are almost perfect.

You may also want to get a modern aluminum dash. Aluminum dash trim kits are similar to the carbon fiber kits in material, but have a metallic aluminum finish. These kits are available in brushed aluminum, OEM aluminum, chrome, etc. and are also UV coated to prevent wear and fading.

Dash Kits There are also other two types of dash kits: flat and molded. Flat dash kits tend to be cheaper, and are better for certain factory car models. They have flexible pieces that go on top of the console and other parts. As for the molded dash kits, they require hand measurement of the exact contours of the vehicle beforehand.

One large piece is usually sent that is contoured to fit around the console and stick into place, looking more professional than a flat kit. These molded kits look more professional and factory-like from the start and are the only kind of dash kits available on some car makes.

Whatever variant you choose: wood dash, carbon fiber dash kit or aluminum dash, it will be to the benefit of your car. So renovating your interior with the variety of dash kits, you can turn you vehicle's trim into a sporty-looking or into an elegant one.

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